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Education Is A Powerful Tool

February 3, 2017

The power and influence of education proved to be essential themes throughout DBFF, both in respect to the acknowledgement of history and the educational system itself. Word Warriors III, a documentary focused on the violence, crime, and poverty that many younger black men face, addressed the power of education in teaching those young men to use their words to deal with their adversities rather than falling into the systemic cycle of violence they often find themselves faced with.

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January 2016

Awesome night with the premiere of Word Warriors III, written, produced and directed by Wooten Center alumnus Takia Tizzi Green. The documentary focuses on the use of words as the weapon of choice over violence. It features a cast of poets including Amiri Baraka in his last interview, Malcolm Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show fame in a way most have never seen and Wooten alums Gregory Bell and Matthew Sutton, among others. Look for the documentary soon as several distributors were there to check it out.

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